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Our goal has been to open the world class snorkeling reefs of Tanna, Vanuatu to the diving world. On offer is an unspoiled, untouched and unbelievable aquatic experience. The Volcanic Island of Tanna has virtually nil fresh water runoff, therefore it offers unmatched visibility and dramatic marine landscapes, including caves, reef walls, amazing swim throughs and caverns, and a myriad of creatures and critters. Green Sea Turtles and our resident Dugong are big attractions. Macro lovers will love our ‘Little critters’ which abound at several of our sites. White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa has always been famous for some of the best snorkelling in Vanuatu and has now introduced great Scuba Diving sites. Volcano Island Divers is the first and only dive operation on Tanna, and joins Vanuatu’s already great SCUBA diving locations. With full PADI Dive Centre accreditation, Volcano Island Divers provides great customer service and a fun, enjoyable and memorable marine experience, while maintaining professionalism and a high standard of safety.

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Diving compendium 2019-2020

Volcano Island Divers, the first and only SCUBA diving operation on Tanna Island, has opened up the world class snorkelling reefs of Tanna to the diving world, offering unspoiled, untouched and unbelievable aquatic experiences’.

Dive with our resident PADI MSDT Instructor Wayne, or Jim and Jack, our experienced, locally trained Ni-Vanuatu Divemasters.

Full hire gear is available to our guests.

Contact our friendly staff at diving@whitegrasstanna.com for more information and for tailored Stay/Dive packages.

Volcano Island Divers recommends all persons intending to undertake SCUBA diving have suitable DAN or other Dive insurance coverage – please click here for details.

Gear Hire

Full gear hire includes BCD, Regs, Weights, Fins, Mask

Please note – we do not offer SCUBA equipment for general hire. Private tank fills are available.

Individual equipment hire prices

*Mask / Snorkel / Fins / weights

VUV 1,500

**Dive Torch (per Dive)

VUV 1,000

**Underwater Camera (per Day)



*Applies to non resort guests only

**Deposit required

Dive package rates are Per Person and includes full Guide services. Stay/Dive packages are based on per person twin share and subject to availability. Tailor made packages are available. Single traveler surcharge applies. Extra nights/Dives are available subject to availability.


Use your holiday at White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa to discover and learn diving with our ‘Discover Scuba Dive’ and ‘PADI Scuba Diving Course’ which takes only 2 days. Alternatively you can complete the ‘PADI Open Water Diver’ certification, or improve your skills with an advanced course or Specialty Course, like PADI Advanced Open Water Course, Night Diver, Underwater Navigation Diver, Search and Recovery Diver and many more.

If you are really ambitious, you can complete the courses you need for the PADI MASTER SCUBA DIVER.


"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its grip of wonder forever" 


Discover Scuba Diving

Blow some bubbles in a safe, relaxed pool environment. This pool experience will introduce you to the equipment and techniques used by scuba divers, all under the watchful eye of our dive staff. We conduct these experiences every day. After completing your Discover Scuba Dive pool experience, come diving with us to one of the amazing dive sites along the reef in front of the Resort. One of our instructors will escort you while you explore the reef and see the incredible diversity of fish and coral. To dive the ocean you must have completed the pool experience first. Pool Session: FREE for in-house guest
Ocean Dive Option: In house guests VUV 10,000
Non house guests VUV 12,000

PADI Open Water Course

Earn the most-recognised diver qualification in the world - the PADI Open Water Diver certification. Complete some dive theory and pool training and then enjoy four open water dives accompanied by your instructor, in the ocean, to complete your training. A new Open Water course starts every day and only takes a few days to complete. The price includes all equipment and official PADI training pack and manual.
And if you are in a hurry to get started, you can even finish all your dive theory online before you get here. You will have more time for your holiday - you will only need to complete the pool and ocean dives while you are here.
(Note that if you complete the e-Learning module of the Open Water Course online, then the fee for the Open Water Course is only Vt36,500). Price: In house guests VUV 42,500 Non house guests VUV 45,000

PADI Scuba Diver Course

If you don't have time to complete the full Open Water Course, we can certify you up to Scuba Diver, which takes only 2 days. This course is a subset of the Open Water Course and qualifies you to dive with a Divemaster or Instructor to 12 meters. It can easily be upgraded to an Open Water Course, anywhere in the world, on your next trip. Price: In house guests VUV 27,500
Non house guests VUV 30,000

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

Continue the adventure by completing your PADI Advanced Open Water course over two days, while diving the clear warm waters of Whitegrass Bay. Just five dives in total and you will be on your way to opening up new and exciting dive adventures!
You will complete training in Deep diving and Underwater Navigation, and then you choose three other types of diving to sample - select from Underwater Digital Photography, Search and Recovery, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware conservation dives and many more. Start your learning at home and save holiday time using PADI's eLearning. (The cost of the Advance course if you have completed eLearning before you come is Vt36,500). Price: In house guests VUV 42,500
Non house guests VUV 45,000

PADI Specialty Dive Courses

What better way to enjoy more of the underwater world than by completing a PADI Specialty Dive course? How about becoming a specialised Night Diver.... Or Peak Performance Buoyancy... Or choose Underwater Navigation Diver, Search and Recovery Diver, Project Aware conservation specialties and many more! These specialty courses are all "hands on" and you will spend most of your time in the water and only a little time on the theory.
The price includes all dive equipment, official PADI training pack and manual and varies depending of the number of dives required to complete the course.
If you do 5 specialty courses and are a rescue diver then you can qualify as a PADI Master Scuba Diver, the highest qualification for the non-professional diver. Go on, take the Master Scuba Diver Challenge! Prices: From VUV 28,000 to VUV 42,500

PADI Rescue Diver Course

Many divers say the Rescue Diver course is one of the best courses they have done. It gives you the confidence to know what to do if anything should happen to you or a fellow diver if an accident should happen. Despite the serious nature of the subject, people enjoy the course and they feel a great sense of achievement role playing scenarios in the course. If you complete the theory before you come to Vanuatu via eLearning, the course cost VUV 35,000 Price: In house guests VUV 42,500
Non house guests VUV 45,000


Single Tank


  • Full Gear VUV 7,700
  • Own Gear VUV 5,500
  • Full Gear VUV 11,500
  • Own Gear VUV 9,300

2 Tank Package


  • Full Gear VUV 14,800
  • Own Gear VUV 10,400
  • Full Gear VUV 21,500
  • Own Gear VUV 17,600

4 Tank Package


  • Full Gear VUV 23,800
  • Own Gear VUV 18,800
  • Full Gear VUV 37,500
  • Own Gear VUV 30,800

6 Tank Package


  • Full Gear VUV 36,400
  • Own Gear VUV 28,600
  • Full Gear VUV 49,500
  • Own Gear VUV 42,500

8 Tank Package


  • Full Gear VUV 44,700
  • Own Gear VUV 35,900
  • Full Gear VUV 58,500
  • Own Gear VUV 45,800

10 Tank Package


  • Full Gear VUV 51,300
  • Own Gear VUV 42,500
  • Full Gear VUV 64,00
  • Own Gear VUV 53,700

Stay Dive 3 night / 4 Tanks


  • Full Gear VUV 57,125
  • Own Gear VUV 50,825
  • Full Gear - VUV 69,725
  • Own Gear - VUV 63,425

Stay Dive 4 night / 6 Tanks


  • Full Gear VUV 71,825
  • Own Gear VUV 65,525
  • Full Gear - VUV 87,575
  • Own Gear - VUV 81,275