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Tanna Island lies in the blue waters of the South Pacific, and is one of the southern most islands of the Vanuatu archipelago. Stunning White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa is a haven for even the most weary traveller, as a guest can stay in this idyllic location to laze away many hours under a shady palm or take a dip in the sea.

Alternatively there are a vast array of activities at your disposal – from visiting mighty Yasur volcano which seethes and belches at 15-30 minute intervals, to being welcomed into custom villages, fishing, diving or snorkeling on our pristine reef, to name just a few.
Upon landing at Tanna Airport following a short flight from Port Vila, most guests get an inkling of the pleasures that this lovely, four star, boutique resort has, as here smiling staff assist you in the collection of your luggage and then drive you the 2 kms to your destination.


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