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Leave the resort at 10 am and travel through Middlebush and the Tanna highlands to the south of the island. Stop on the way to view the mighty Mt Yasur volcano from a distance and the best view over the eastern coast line and pass through the barren landscape of the ash plains. Stop for some photo opportunity. After a river crossing, visit the original John Frum village beneath the belching volcano.

A guided village tour will introduce you to traditional ‘Kastoms’, the John Frum Cult and their way of life. (Please note, the ceremonial day for the John Frum village is Friday.  Saturday - Thursday visitors will not observe their ceremonies, but will still gain an understanding to their beliefs and kastoms)  From there, the safari takes you to Port Resolution bay where a guide shows you the geothermal activity including the hot springs along the black sandy beach.

A short drive from there brings you to a nearby beach at Port Resolution where you can enjoy your picnic lunch on a stunning white sandy beach. You have the opportunity to swim at the hot springs and the white sand beach.

Upon arrival at Mount Yasur, you will receive an introduction and safety briefing. The vehicles will park on the Ash Plains and your journey will continue on foot.  Following a 10 minute ascent to the crater rim, you will be able to view the Strombolian activity at dusk until dark. Return to the resort approx. 8.30 pm.

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